Scott Cycles BMBC Club Championships 2021

Round 1April 24th
Round 2May 15th
Round 3May 29th
Round 4June 5th
Round 5 (Night Race)June 19th
Round 6July 24th
Round 7August 14th
Round 8September 4th
Round 9September 18th
Save the Date for these events
April 10th – Social event – details to follow
June 26th – Yara Dr Baynton’s 6 Hour Remedy
November 6th – Burrup Mountain Bike Club AGM and presentation night


The Scott Cycles BMBC Championships are built on the following principles:

Race courses provide opportunities for all members of the community to engage in the sport in an enjoyable manner. The courses are selected to cater for all type of riders, who are grouped in the following categories:

  1. Junior
  2. Junior Advanced – an NEW category intended to offer technical challenge for our Junior through riding Elite/Expert courses.
  3. Intro (Male & Female)
  4. Sport (Male & Female)   
  5. Expert (Male & Female)
  6. Elite (Male & Female)

Categories are differentiated by duration and in some events technical difficulty with Elite being the most demanding category.
Riders can only contest a single category within an event. Riders allocated points are not transferable between race categories.

Skills Development

Race courses provide opportunities for riders to develop their mountain bike riding skills by embedding the following lines into the primary courses:

  1. A-Line: trail section that requires sound technical skills and is to be ridden by confident / competent riders or by those who wish to push themselves to the next level.  A-lines are typically shorter than B-lines.
  2. B-Line: trail section that requires less technical skills than the A line and can be ridden by the majority of riders. B-lines are typically longer than A-lines.   
  3. E-Line: a mandatory trail section added to the primary course for those riding in the Expert, Elite and Junior Advance categories.

Respect for the Environment

The sport and all associated social activities are environmentally sustainable. The Club is fully committed to the wise use of the natural environment.  


The Championship also offers opportunity to socialise, contribute to the community in a safe environment, make new friends, and put non-riding skills to the service of the community. 


The 2021 championships will consist of 9 races and does not include Dr Baynton’s 6 Hour. 
The championships will be calculated on a rider’s 7 best results. 
To qualify for the championships riders must ride at least 5 of the 9 scheduled races.
Riders are allocated points based on their finish position at each event within the Club Championships series as per section 3.3 of the MTBA Club Technical Regulations 2011
for Cross Country Events.

The points are allocated as detailed in the table below: